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Hide en city

Très bon jeu

Tolle Bild

Spiel macht Spass

Hidden City



Hidden city

Lots of fun



Crashes too often

This game crashes so often that I am fed up with it. It crashes at the completion of a task so I lose the energy spent, the rewards earned and the credit for the completion of the task. I have lost rewards for fighting monsters and rubies spent for tools. As soon as I use up the rubies I have left, I am out of this game!


Tough game

This game is very addictive. Its great

This game is great

Hidden city

Great game

Fun Adventure !!

Nice series of gameplay !!


Lots of fun!


Not enough information as yet, but so far so good.

Fun and addictive

Easy start up as well

Not bad

If you like the object search games you will like this one.

Pretty in depth

Lots of story to uncover


Good story so far havin fun thanks for the hard work


slow if you dont buy gems


Totally agree with writer that says this game is fantastic

Good fun once you catch on

Takes a while but lot of fun

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